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Tracking Trends in Ethiopian Civil Society

Tracking Trends in Ethiopian Civil Society (TECS) helps to monitor and research emerging issues, changes and trends in the civil society sector, including those arising from the implementation, enforcement and impact of the Proclamation on Charities and Societies in order to inform constructive evidence-based dialogue among stakeholders and particularly for civil society to support national development goals.
The Tracking Trends in Ethiopia’s Civil Society Project (TECS) is an initiative of the Civil Society Sub Group (CSSG) of the Development Assistance Group.  
The Federal Law – the Proclamation on Charities and Societies (PCS) - was published on February 13th 2009.  It established a new legal framework for the registration and monitoring of specific categories of civil society organisations.A new Charities and Societies Agency (ChSA) was set up and tasked with taking forward implementation of the PCS.The Agency has responsibility for registering and supervising charities, societies, charitable endowments and charitable trusts.  
At the High Level Forum it was agreed that joint periodic reviews of the impact of the law should take place.  In order to establish a robust evidence based and constructive dialogue, it was decided to develop a project that will follow on the developments of the sector and enhance Implementation of the Proclamation. As a result, a Joint Project Memorandum was prepared by the Civil Society Sub Group to be the basis for the TECS project.

The TECS Project

The project impact is: “An enabling environment in which CSOs’ contribution to the achievement of Ethiopia’s development goals is maximised”.
The project outcome is: “Evidence-based dialogue concerning civil society’s role, contribution and impact that informs policy and programming decisions of Government, the civil society sector and development partners”.

The four project outputs are:

  • Output 1: Information and understanding of civil society issues and challenges gathered and disseminated;
  • Output 2: Quality policy research and analysis on the civil society sector undertaken;
  • Output 3: Support provided to CSSG and CSO advocacy based on research findings and emerging issues
  • Output 4: Capacity building delivered for Charities and Societies Agency and civil society.

Contact TECS:
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Ms. Ann Condy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TECS Policy Briefs

Policy Brief 1: CSOs and Income Generation

Policy Brief 2: Mass-based societies, prospects and challenges

Policy Brief 3: CSO's supporting women's economic empowerment

Policy Brief 4: CSO support to people living with disabilities and elderly

Policy Brief 5: Early Evidence of impact of 70/30 guideline

Policy Brief 6: Impact of Proclamation and Guidelines on Consortia - Aug 2013

Policy Brief 7: Assessment of the Asset Clearance Transfer and Liquidation System - Sept 2013

Policy Brief 8: Impact of 70/30 Guideline - Sept 2013

Policy Brief 9: Impact for ChSOs working in Agriculture - March 2014

Policy Brief 10: Impact of 70/30 on M&E - June 2014

Policy Brief 11: The Cost Sharing Directive - June 2014

Policy Brief 12: Intermediaries INGOs and the Operation of 70/30 - June 2014

Policy Brief 13: Charities Working with Children - August 2014

Policy Brief 15: Self-help Groups in Ethiopia, Regulatory issues and constraints - Sept 2014

TECS Information Bulletins

Info Bulletin 1: Intermediary INGO operations and 70/30 - Feb 2013

Info Bulletin 2: Impact of Charities' operations on beneficiaries - April 2013

Info Bulletin 7: Trends in Funding - Sept 2013

Info Bulletin 10: ChSOs engaged in the Health Sector - January 2014

Info Bulletin 11: Cost-sharing special directive - Feb 2014

TECS Reports

Report on Civil Society and Income Generation - Feb 2012

Report on CSOs in support of Women's Economic Empowerment in Ethiopia

Report on Federal Regional Interface in Gov/CSO relations - July 2012

Report on Impact of new Guideline, Phase III - Sept 2013

Report on Impact of Proclamation on CSO networks - Aug 2013

Report on Mass Based Societies in Ethiopia: Prospects and Challenges - March 2012

Report on status of Asset Clearing, Transfer & Liquidation - Sept 2013

Report: CSOs in Ethiopia, Case Studies of Impacts on Beneficiaries

Report on Early Evidence Impact of 70/30 guideline Phase II - April 2013

Report on Self-help Groups in Ethiopia - July 2014