The Institutional Development Working Group was established in 2019 with a clear mission: to promote the long-term development of Ethiopian public institutions so that they can implement critical democratic and economic reforms.

In early 2020, 10 ‘guiding principles’ for working with institutional development were developed and endorsed by both government and development partners.  This website provides more information about the 10 principles and other resources for anyone working with institutional development in Ethiopia.


  1. Understand both formal and informal incentives for reforms.
  2. Ensure reforms are locally-led and any assistance is context-specific.
  3. Ensure a prioritised and sequenced approach.
  4. Consider different entry points and multi-actor processes: which other actors can support the change we are seeking?
  5. Think ‘behavioural change’ rather than only technical solutions.
  6. Consider whether whole-scale reform or ‘pockets of effectiveness’ are more appropriate objectives, and how Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) can be used.
  7. Avoid stand-alone trainings.
  8. Go beyond technical advisors, and ensure domestic actors decide on the most appropriate type of support.
  9. Build flexibility and adaptability into your plans.
  10. Invest in ongoing monitoring, evaluation and learning based on an explicit theory of change.

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