This report is issued by the IATI Secretariat to meet the requirement in the IATI Framework for Implementation for annual reporting of efforts by members to implement the IATI Standard. In addition, this report highlights the following general themes:

  • Encouraging more people to publish;
  • Improving the quality of data published;
  • Helping people to use IATI data better.

The first theme is discussed in section 2, specifically in regard to progress on growth in IATI publishers and membership. The second and third theme on improving the quality of data and its use are addressed in sections 3, 4 and 6 by including some good practice case studies. Section 5 provides the results of publishing members selfreporting.

This report also includes a section on other key stakeholders, for example foundations, development finance institutions and climate investment funds, as well as progress towards humanitarian aid transparency. This annual report covers the period from January to December 2013.

Lastly, the report indicates areas for improvement and steps undertaken and planned by the IATI Secretariat to drive IATI forward.

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